NO! You don't have to be engaged to get some super cute photos of you and your hunny. Honestly couples sessions are an absolute BLAST even if there is no specific occasion. And guess what - shooting with me is more like a Friday night with the two of you and that one single friend that you always hang out with...but this friend takes some pretty killer candid shots of you guys.


Ahhhh engagement sessions. This is the beginning of that crazy process called WEDDING PLANNING. But the first step with me will literally be a breeze - I promise. I'm there for you from the get-go. Deciding on locations, outfit coordinating, even hair & make up if needed. You're not alone in this, I gotchu. We'll get those up close romantic dreamy shots but we will also get those spontaneous ones too. Better be up for those "dirty dancing" poses because when I tell you (aka Baby) to run at your man (aka Johnny) and leap in the better be up for it!


This isn't for everyone - but a lot more common than you would think. I DO NOT SHOOT PORN, so if that's your vibe exit now.