Hey Friend - What's up.

I'm Torie. Las Vegas based lifestyle photographer and totally willing to travel. You caught me in the middle of expanding throughout the west coast - here's where I'm currently shooting: NV, AZ, CA, UT, CO, ID. This is where I want to go: literally everywhere.

LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY: but what does that even mean. I like to think of life as a bunch of fleeting milestone moments - and I want to catch 'em all. My business started back when I graduated college in 2015 (Commercial Photography degree...we can chat about that later) and since then I've had the amazing opportunity to capture these milestone moments for my clients from the beginning of "their beginnings." Proposals, Engagements, Wedding/Elopement, Babies, Family, Cake Smashes, Holidays, etc. The relationships I've built and the experiences I've had with past & current clients is truly amazing and makes me absolutely love what I do.

On a lighter side, I have had some amazing times with total strangers eloping to Vegas too so do with that what you will!

The style.

As a Wedding & Elopement photographer, Torie Sweeney Photography specializes in capturing all the authentic moments in an edgy but timeless style. Being a lover of natural light, all final images will have that classicly natural look - with just a tad of fire.

Why hire me? There's so many key things I could say that every photographer wants to sell you on, but let's keep it short and sweet: I've been there. Through the process personally, so I definitely understand the expectation of being the wedding photographer. If you're looking for someone you know has your back and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you feel as good as you look throughout the whole time you work with me: I'm your girl.



“I don't know what to say, I'm literally crying.”

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