Marqui + Kelsey

Bell Rock Trail, Sedona, Arizona

DUDE. I've wanted to go to Sedona for soooooo long! And I could not have asked for a better couple to experience it with. These two felt like we'd been friends for years from that first meeting. Plus, they were extremely naturals to shoot with. Made it super easy on me.

Sedona Weekend. This was actually a weekend trip for me. I'd booked another session the day prior to this at Devil's Bridge (holy sh*t didn't realize how far the hike was) but this engagement session with Marqui & Kelsey was the "main event".

Shoot Day. The weather was gorgeous. I know I'm always talking about the weather in my blogs but as a photographer, that shit matters. Like a lot. The only thing we had hoped for though was snow. We'd been envisioning the red rocks with snow caps :(

but it still ended up working out for us.

The Shoot. My favorite thing to do is wander. I like to have an idea of the spots we'll be shooting but I also like to wing it - it's not as sketchy as it sounds. We spent tons of time in the sun in this awesome grass field which, when I scouted the location earlier didn't look as pretty, then worked our way up to Bell Rock. The overlook is stunning. Totally worth the very minimal hike to it. Arriving just as the sun hid behind the mountains, we had lots of time to enjoy the moment. I love shooting through blue hour for the rainbow effect - this was the perfect spot for it!

This was such a fun and laid back engagement session, I can't wait to shoot their wedding!! Fun story though - the matching shirts they wore said "engay-ged" and we didn't realize until the end of the session!

*disclaimer: this session was so long and we had so many photos I actually had to condense the amount of photos in this blog....*