Charlie & KElsey

Bella Rose Estate || Phoenix, Arizona

THESE TWO. Are seriously such a blast & I am so happy to call friends. We met over the internet (oh no) when Marqui booked me for their Sedona en-gay-gement session (never been until then - absolutely love it take me back!) and long story short after a few venue changes officially booked there wedding day with me.

THIS DAY WAS HOT - the high was 109 and we felt it omg. I was literally 31 weeks pregnant at the time of their wedding and holy s***t it was miserable. Red faced, dripping sweat. We all had to take frequent breaks from shooting outside to cool down. Somehow we managed to make a hot mess express look flawless in this light & airy venue. Post-ceremony the golden light was

I'm SO DOWN to go to different states and capture big days & even little elopements! Arizona definitely has my heart right now!

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