Allie & Alec

Log Haven Events | Salt Lake City, utah

YOU GUYS. It literally rained as soon as we got to the reception!!! Like, lightning and all.

The day was gorgeous. Sun was shining, the breeze wasn't too much and everything went swimmingly. We get to the reception and literally as soon as the bride & groom were about to make their entrance - it started to pour! Tents went up, a majority of the guests went home BUT after a brief talk with Allie - we decided screw it let's just go for it. They did their cake cutting IN THE RAIN. They did their first dance IN THE RAIN. The remaining guests danced in the rain with the bride & groom and it was such a blast.

Rain photos: so, I did not have a water proof case/cover for my camera. I used a ziploc bag. 10/10 do not recommend. I also had a hard time shooting in the rain for the extent that I had to (hence the kind of not super high quality rain images) lots of water droplets were on my lens and the ziploc bag diffused my flash & lume cube extensively. But at the end of the day, my camera was saved from any water damage so, I'll take the win.