Kaylee & Jake

New Year's Eve elopement

Suite: Golden Nugget

Chapel: Sure Thing

Locations: Fremont Street

Do you ever have those "she's one of us" moments? That is 100% what it was like hanging out with Kaylee, Jake and their family. I love feeling like I'm with "my kind of people".

This was a full day elopement with me - 5 hours starting with the getting into the dress. This was one of those elopements where it was like a small wedding in the way that they were able to experience all the special moments of the day with their nearest & dearest. The overall theme/style was New Year's Eve vibe. Her color: SEQUINS. Absolutely loved it. I carried a disco ball withe me the entire day. That's how committed I am to a theme hahaha

Golden Nugget: if you're going to book a suite - this is the one to do. There are SO many different things/angles to do in there. I wish we had more time!

Sure Thing Chapel: one of the many reasons I feel this chapel is the one to book with is how versatile it is. It definitely has it's own vintage with a modern twist vibe about it BUT you can do it up any way you want. It's like a blank canvas for you to do with as you please. Anything matches! If you are looking to get hitched here book the full hour!

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