VAlley of Fire

Las Vegas, NEvada

If you're a mom, you know that getting the perfect photo of you and your kids is almost impossible. BUT THERE'S HOPE!

My shooting style is very as we go/pre-planned (if that makes any sense). Before every shoot I take the time to plan out the poses I want to do, so we are not doing the same exact thing over & over. However, I do that so when we get you posed we can just let your kids be kids. Let them squirm, let them make silly faces, let your kids be kids. I'll be there to give some direction, but the end goal is to get those super cute candid photos of your kid's real personalities.

The Brownlees: of course their little guy was just about perfect, he's in that perfect baby stage where he can't totally get away yet! Little miss thang though - she was all personality. She definitely made me work for it! The end result though is so beautiful and so authentic, this family was so nice and amazing to work with.