Clover Milk Bath

Las Vegas, Nevada

This boy would not chill out. 100% not how I a envisioned this shoot. First, it was supposed to be shot in the tub so he could lay down and everyhting would have been that creamy white. Jaxson wouldn't even sit in the tub! Little guy was such a happy camper, but he didn't want nothing to do with the tub.

So we moved to the sink. I figured, maybe he was overwhelmed by how big the tub was. Nope. He wasn't having that either. Luckily, I was able to literally get most of the shots of him sitting within 30 seconds. That's about how long this lasted!

Moral of the story: if you are considering having your babe in a milk bath, I am all for it. HOWEVER, age and size play a huge factor. The older & bigger your little one gets, the less likely they are going to be willing to be in the bath and the chances of the styled "decor" lasting is slim to none. The clovers barely made it through on this one and the eucalyptus....drowned.