Robyn & Hisham

Downtown Vegas & Red Rock Canyon

It's so cool that I get to work with people who live across "the pond" from us. Robyn & Hisham are from England, we had to chat over Instagram's video chat because we couldn't figure out how to call on our cell phones hahaha I thought that was funny.

Among many changes during the planning process, their ceremony ended up happening at the Chapel of Flowers, which does not allow outside photographers. SO we met downtown (my usual stomping grounds) and immediately got distracted by random tourists. At least my clients got free shots out of it!

Nacho Daddy was where we ended up spending the bulk of our downtown time together. And not just for the AC. I somehow got Hisham to do TWO scorpion shots! It was great. "I can feel it going down my throat" - Hisham with a grimace. Robyn really wanted that bar vibe in her photos, which I think they nailed. She looked stunning in just about every pose I threw at them and we couldn't stop laughing.

Red Rock Canyon is roughly 30 minutes from the Strip with no traffic. They had the sketchiest driver ever pick them up for the journey - literally I don't even understand how that lady is a driver! The weather wasn't terrible...except for that wind! But honestly the wind brought this like sexy element that had Robyn's hair going all over the place but we loved it....just maybe not in the moment!