You might be going through your gallery and come across a photo or two that you might think to yourself "omg how could she think this was a good photo".....don't be alarmed. If I thought it was funny in any way or maybe it was a moment from the day that I felt needed to be included in your gallery to tell the story of our time together - it's going to be in there.

Hair Removals/Fixes

If there is a hair running across your face, that means it either was completely irremovable or I thought looked artistically pleasing. I swear I am not a lazy editor, in the end it is my photo name attached to the quality of images.

*this is an example of unfix-able*

BUT if you feel that maybe I should take a second look, like maybe I missed one somehow amongst the hundred of other images, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Skin Color

Disclaimer: I am going to be extremely blunt about this subject. If you receive your final gallery and your skin looks orange or super dark in areas where the light doesn't hit (most of the time legs & feet) that means your tan was darker than the rest of your body. I really truly do my best to edit any imperfections like that BUT (especially brides with fake tans) there is only so much I can do.

Looking a bit oranger than your significant other: not everyone has the same exact color tone AND ladies please take into consideration that you are wearing make up + maybe got a temp tan for the occasion. FYI most men are a shade cooler than women.

Random Object/People in the Background

"There's a person behind me" / "There's a car next to us"

In the event that there is a someone/something that makes the image un-aestheticly pleasing, I do my best to remove it. I am so anal about it I actually remove random gum marks. BUT if there is a person behind you or a car next you or whatever else that you might think should be removed - if it's still there I more than likely tried and it didn't work out or it was meant to be there. There are lots of cases where the object is touching something that makes it impossible to remove it cleanly.

Blemishes & Scars

Most of the time I remove noticeable blemishes. If the face or area has acne, I will not because that is the character of the affected area. I will not remove scars or birth marks at all unless requested.

However: if the area is something that I literally cannot fix (like if the face is turned a certain way that makes it impossible) please open minded to that.


Please do not be shy to ask about removing things. If it is something that I can edit I will totally do it for you, except for these:

  • size (I cannot make you skinnier)
  • double chin
  • cellulite (case by case)
  • taking people out or adding them in (group photos)
  • things that were said day of "oh she can edit that out later" - sorry but I will not. Unless I said it, please don't assume I will.