Snowy Maternity Session

mount Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada

You guys, this was 100% one of the craziest yet silly-est sessions I've ever had. Carlee was really hoping for a snowy maternity session which - of course - I was down for BUT we do live in Vegas and there is literally no way to know if we will get snow for sure in Mount Charleston. Luckily though, it was December and we were experiencing lots of weather - we decided to wing it on the date. Long story short, this was my busiest month for my photography business + I was traveling a ton so when the first sign of a snow storm hit my weather app we decide to go for in we shot the next day :)

Shoot Day: as we drove up Kyle Canyon, it would not stop raining. Like, normally once you get to a certain point up the mountain the rain/fog finally turns to snow and everything is great...but that is not at all how it went for us. Honestly, I was stressing out a bit. Lots of curse words were yelled at the windshield as we drove Deer Creek Rd, slowly working our way to Lee Canyon (yes I know that was the long way - but it's a nice drive....usually) THEN FINALLY literally as we passed the round about to Lee Canyon Meadow the rain turned to sleet. If you're not familiar with what sleet is, it's basically rain that tried to be snow but failed half way through the change. But it was good enough for what we were looking for because technically, it's still snow.

The Shoot: just think of wet dogs. That was us - within minutes. The first maybe 5-10 minutes of the shoot were beautiful - the snow was landing gracefully in Carlee's hair, we were getting that perfect bokeh of snow in the background. We were having a blast - then the sleet soaked in. Thank god her dress still looked great soaking wet!

Among a few things that went awry, the bag I had covering my camera kept getting in the way of me shooting and because I couldn't see what I was doing 100% I didn't notice for a ton of photos. Like really good ones too. However, that super trendy fog look in the corner of some of the images was actually the bag creating an additional "element". BUT don't confuse that with the actual real fog in the background - I'm actually really surprised to see the trees in the meadow in the photos because it was so thick.

This was probably one of the most fun shoots I've had in Mount Charleston though! I can honestly say I had a good time and the images came out so amazing considering we were only there for about half an hour.

Post-Session: I apparently parked on ice, got stuck for a few. The End.