If you're having a birthday, let's do a shoot.

Adult birthday shoots are SO fun! The style of this shoot was "all black". Black backdrop, black balloons, black leather pants and black graphic tee. The funny thing is this style is totally me too! Now, me as a photographer, I don't do most of the trends. No special presets, no double exposures, none of it. BUT I have been dabbling with the prisms lately for fun shoots like this one AND I actually tried the celophane trick on these too - I'm in love. The celophane brought just enough color in to break up the black on the actual cake ones and the prisms were a fun effect too. My style is very edgy vogue usually (hence the all black posed photos vs the candids) but adding the extra "trendy" things made this even more fun!

Cake: Twinbeescookies

Outfit: Target

Theme: Black on Black

Venue/Studio: Torie Sweeney Photography Studio