Prepping For your Maternity Session

all the things to do to get yourself camera ready

  • HMUA - Most women opt to get their hair and make up professionally done for their session. Make sure you allow enough time to enjoy that experience prior to the photos, it's better to be ready early than to be rushing to meet me. However, you don't need to pay to get it done. That's entirely your choice - however I do recommend it.
  • NAILS - Small details like having manicured nails can make a big impact on how you feel in your photos (& keep in mind that I'll be getting up close hand shots with bump). You don't necessarily need a full set, but make sure there's no patchy old nail polish on them. A matching pedi is a good choice too, every body part is photo game! Stick to neutrals or stick to the style you're going for, neon colored nails (this includes RED) with a minimalist set-up is not the most aesthetic. In other words: don't draw attention to your nails.
  • THAT ONE THING YOU MIGHT NOT THINK OF - It would be a super great idea to get your ring(s) cleaned prior to your session. It's not a necessity but it helps. Dawn works great.
  • THAT OTHER THING YOU MIGHT NOT THINK OF - please remove all tags. Not just the price tags, remove all the ugly rectangles. You might think we can't see it or maybe "she can just photoshop that out"...nope. Take 'em all off. If it's something getting returned, make sure the tag is securely hidden.
  • MULTIPLE OUTFITS - You have the option to try a few different looks. I highly suggest trying them on plenty of time before your shoot, not day of. Many women opt for one dressier option and one more casual, or two different color schemes. Please do not bring a ton of options - pick your two favorites and call it a day.
  • TANNING - It is true that when you have a tan it helps when getting photographed. However, it's not a necessity. If you do decide to do fake tanners, stick to the professional ones (tanceuticals is a good one). Spray tans are ok, just make sure to get it done at least a week or more before your photo shoot - the orange can get everywhere if you do it too close to the date. Since tanning beds aren't an option while pregnant, old school laying out in the sun (naked) no closer than a week is best just in case you burn.
  • SHAVING & WAXING - I'm sure it's been a few months since your last wax...if your dress or outfit is going to be showing even a slight bikini area I highly suggest getting waxed. Get your wax done within a week of your session. If you're sensitive, the earlier the better to ensure there's no peaking red bumps. Do not do it the day of, trust me. Don't forget to shave your legs - it will show. Happy Trails: please do not shave your happy trail, get it waxed or leave it.
  • WHAT TO WEAR DAY OF - The day of your shoot, wear loose fit clothing. Anything tight will leave indents on your skin (leggings, strappy shoes, bras, socks, etc).

Prepping for baby's Session

all the little things that matter

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: YOU JUST HAD A BABY, YOUR BODY HAS CHANGED A BIT - I highly recommend trying your outfits on a few days before your session, have someone take a few different angled photos of you, then look them over the day after or a few days after. If you see something that bothers you enough to not hit that favorite button then choose something else.
  • MAMA's NAILS - you do not need a full set and you do not need to get them all glammed up. Stick to naked or neutrals. Your hands will be in the photos holding your baby, close ups are going to happen! I will not edit finger nails.
  • TAKE A BREATHER, MAYBE A NAP - this is just a suggestion BUT it does help. Give yourself ample time to relax, enjoy your baby and get yourself refreshed - newborn sessions are literally going to wear you out.
  • TRY TO AVOID OVERFEEDING - please don't go as far as starving baby, but try to time your feedings so that you can feed baby within the first 30 minutes of your session.
  • THAT ONE THING THAT YOU MIGHT NOT THINK OF - your diaper choice matters! Some parents want a solid diaper with no logos or characters, Honest is the only brand (that I know of) that has a solid white diaper. There are other brands that carry solids too. You do not have to, it's just a suggestion.
  • MULTIPLE BABY OUTFITS - please do not bring a ton of options. Pick your two favorites and call it a day.
  • MULTIPLE BABY ACCESSORIES - please bring only what matches your color scheme. If you need help deciding I totally understand but please do your best to narrow down to 2-3 (usually bows).
  • do your best to clear up the rooms you wish to photograph in (nursery, family room, bedroom). Basically if you don't want it in your photos make sure it's gone.
  • have a mini heater readily available OR make sure your AC isn't full blast/heat is on (if you don't have one I can bring one, LMK)
  • remember that your house does not need to be perfect & perfectly cleaned, save your energy for baby
  • clear up all clutter - nurses are always willing to help with this
  • give yourself a good look over - give yourself time to get cleaned up & ready. You do not need to be perfect for me, like literally you don't have to shower if you don't feel up for it!

A few baby things we can't avoid but can help:

  • JAUNDICE: unfortunately even editing can't fix super dark jaundice, the best we can do is keep baby in the sunlight before your session
  • CRADLE CAP: there is a cradle cap brush & comb you can get, make sure to do it a few days prior to shooting. Frida Baby Derma Brush Set
  • BAG LADY FINGER NAILS: use a nail sponge/file to file down or get a electric baby nail buffer
  • BABY ACNE: literally nothing to do, some editing if possible
  • ECZEMA: ask your pediatrician, some editing if possible
  • SKIN PEELING: scent free (pediatrician approved) lotion helps. Bring it with you, lather baby up right before we shoot.


There are tons of looks you could go for. Pinterest will be your best friend. Gather your inspo (here are a couple mood boards) & show me what you're looking for!

editorial | cozy in-home | boho | western

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Personalized Mood Boards

If we haven't done this already, reach out about making your personalized mood board. Sometimes it helps to have someone else's opinion on what they think would look amazing for your session. Or maybe at least keep it on the back burner while you're planning.

And if I'm being honest - it helps to have the photographer's point of view so the aesthetic stays similar to why you hired them!

The Fit

The starting point: your location & style choice. Your location choice is the base of the look you want to achieve. Ex: boho doesn't go well with Downtown Vegas.

  1. Try something new...within reason. There's nothing wrong with trying out a new look, but remember that you are already uncomfortable so don't over do it.
  2. Your closet is the best place to look FIRST. Sometimes doing the simplest thing of getting ready for a normal day, helps your photos feel the most like yourselves. SWEATPANTS ARE A THING RIGHT NOW....and underwear. Sweatpants & underwear are an acceptable photo outfit too.
  3. Keep it SIMPLE. If you're feeling overwhelmed about your outfit choice it's because you're doing too much.
  4. Stick to the season. Lots of new mamas want to wear something that shows the season of when the baby will be born.....stick to what makes sense in the season you are shooting. You can still get heat stroke when pregnant, worse in fact. The only exception: studio sessions.
  5. Dress for your body type & your skin tone. This is really a thing, circling back to what you would normally wear. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone, try not to "blend". Pick styles that show off your best features & flatter your body type.

  1. Matching so hard, you're ready for Sadies. With the exception of wearing all black, wearing the same outfits can look outdated & tacky. Ex: Both of you in a white shirt, blue jeans and white shoes....the idea is there but try to change it up a bit. Change the shoes, change the shade of one of the shirts, wear a hat, add a kimono or flannel or some kind of jacket. Twinning is not the way to go.
  2. Try something so new, you regret it later. This happens all the time! You saw something on Instagram that you loved, but it was so far out of your comfort zone or you were pushing yourself so hard to make it work - that you end up hating the results. This includes your s/o. Don't make them wear something way far out of their comfort zone either, it will show.
  3. PLEASE DON'T GET ONE OF THOSE TIGHT MATERNITY DRESSES WITH A FLAT TRAIN. They show bump well but make your butt look terrible. The trains also do not photograph well. I will not do that fake train in the wind thing.

You don't have to spend a million bucks for a one time outfit. You're already puttin' the dough in your photographer (gracias), keep your outfit choice within your budget - and please try it on before your session.

With all of that said, don't be afraid to different, don't be afraid to be BOLD, just be 100% Y.O.U.

Classic Maternity Looks that never get old


You can do this with or without a top, you can do this with a brallette or a button down oversized shirt. The looks are endless & never get old.


A matching bra & undies is seriously SO classy. You might be wondering how tf that won't come off as raunchy - avoid the valentine's day looks and stick with those calvins or even just a cute lacy set.


There are a billion different styles to choose from. The best start to finding the right style is looking at the season & the location of your shoot. Ex. Sweater dresses are perfect for fall & boho is perfect for summer/spring.

Boutique Links

BUT don't underestimate Amazon, Target or Walmart!


now that you've finished your session,

what are you supposed to do with your images?

If you don't plan on sending your images directly from the gallery link, the next best option is to print them. There's a ton of different ways & places you can print. Personally, I'm a big fan of single matte prints or simple books.

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