Tori & Josh

Legends Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada

Florist: Bloomers Florist

Bride: Brilliant Bridal

Groom: Men's Warehouse

HMUA: Amelia C. Co.

I had been following Torie on Instagram for a while so when I was getting married, I knew I wanted her to be my photographer. We ended up taking engagement photos prior to the wedding and I'm so glad we did as she made my husband feel more comfortable for the day of the wedding. We also had an unplanned champagne war and the pictures are so fun and authentic. You can tell we were having a great time! We also rolled around in the dirt (great idea, Torie!) and got some incredible images of us covered in red dirt. Not only will you get amazing photos out of your experience with Torie, but you will also have a fun time taking the photos! For our wedding, Torie went above and beyond by walking the venue with us a month before to make sure she knew where to get the best shots (as she hadn't photographed an event there previously). She even participated in the conversation about the timeline which was completely unexpected but SO HELPFUL! Although we were being rushed by outside vendors, she made sure that we got the photos that were most important to us. We told her we had a classic car at the wedding and we wanted to take photos with it. They turned out to be some of our favorite shots from the wedding! It was also her idea for us to sneak away for photos while everyone was eating. One of those shots is the one we used on our thank you cards. We appreciated her expertise and eye throughout the process and are thrilled with the end result. I am definitely looking forward to an opportunity to book her again! Did I mention she did all this while pregnant!? Torie is a superstar and I would book her again, even at 8+ months pregnant to take photos. She's so fun and easy to get along with.

Victoria & Joshua Blagg

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