Life is short, get naked & do the photo shoot.

This is "the" Guide.

  1. prepping for your session
  2. Inspiration
  3. Outfit Advice
  4. Bridals
  5. Post-Session

Prepping For your session

all the things to do to get yourself camera ready

  • HMUA - Most women opt to get their hair and make up professionally done for their session. Make sure you allow enough time to enjoy that experience prior to the photos, it's better to be ready early than to be rushing to meet me. However, you don't need to pay to get it done. That's entirely your choice. Personally, I absolutely suck at doing my own make-up.
  • NAILS - Small details like having manicured nails to show off your ring can make a big impact on how you feel in your photos. You don't necessarily need a full set, but make sure there's no patchy old nail polish on them. A matching pedi is a good choice too, every body part is photo game! Stick to neutrals or stick to the style you're going for, neon colored nails with a minimalist set-up is not the most aesthetic.
  • THAT ONE THING YOU MIGHT NOT THINK OF - It would be a super great idea to get your ring(s) cleaned prior to your session. It's not a necessity but it helps. Dawn works great.
  • THAT OTHER THING YOU MIGHT NOT THINK OF - please remove all tags. Not just the price tags, remove all the ugly rectangles. You might think we can't see it or maybe "she can just photoshop that out"...nope. Take 'em all off.
  • MULTIPLE OUTFITS - You have the option to try a few different looks. I highly suggest trying them on plenty of time before your shoot, not day of. Many women opt for one dressier option and one more casual, or two different color schemes. Please do not bring a ton of options - pick your two favorites and call it a day.
  • TANNING - It is true that when you have a tan it helps when getting photographed. However, it's not a necessity. If you do decide to do fake tanners, stick to the professional ones (tanceuticals is a good one). Tanning beds are my highest recommended (other than the old school laying in the sun way). Spray tans are ok, just make sure to get it done at least a week or more before your photo shoot - the orange can get everywhere if you do it too close to the date.
  • GYM BOD - If you are the gym type, feel free to do a good work out sesh before your shoot. Just don't over do it, you might regret leg day...
  • DIETING - You don't need to go on a diet prior to your photo shoot. Yes, most chicks will stick to a crazy diet & work out routine to get their body "camera ready" but you don't absolutely have to do that. HOWEVER, the day before and the day of your session it is a good idea to watch what you eat and what you drink. Help keep yourself from bloating by not drinking alcohol the night before and sticking to a light diet the day of:
  • Green tea - try it cold with lemon & honey
  • Water with lemon
  • Try to stay away from heavy carbs (in-n-out is not your friend before or on photo shoot day)
  • Avoid salty foods (again, in-n-out not good pre-meal)
  • Dairy starts break outs, causes bloating and depending on the fixin' it could make you need to hit the bathroom once your nerves hit during your photo shoot
  • SHAVING & WAXING - Get your wax done within a week of your session. If you're sensitive, the earlier the better to ensure there's no peaking red bumps. Do not do it the day of, trust me. Don't forget to shave your legs - it will show.
  • WHAT TO WEAR DAY OF - The day of your shoot, wear loose fit clothing. Anything tight will leave indents on your skin (leggings, strappy shoes, bras, socks, etc).
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There are tons of looks you could go for. Pinterest will be your best friend. Gather your inspo (here are a couple mood boards) & show me what you're looking for!


The Fit

Choosing the right outfit it super important. Not only do you want to make sure you like the way you look, whatever style you go for also has to photograph well.

  1. The starting point: your location & style choice. Your location choice is the base of the look you want to achieve. Ex: boho doesn't go well with Downtown Vegas.
  2. The less straps the better. Some strappy pieces don't photograph well, dependent on the style the straps sag away from your body in certain poses. If you have a piece that you are dead set on, send it my way and I can let you know if it will work.
  3. Stick to neutrals. Unless you're going for super colorful or a specific theme, my recommendation is to stick with neutral colors to keep your images looking timeless & classy.
  4. Dress for your body type & your skin tone. This is really a thing, circling back to what you would normally wear. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone, try not to "blend". Pick styles that show off your best features & flatter your body type.
  5. SHOES. Unless you're going for a western theme (cowgirl boots), a grunge theme (combat boots) or are doing a specific theme that only works with shoes: 9/10 I don't recommend wearing shoes.
  6. Garter belts: if you don't plan on wearing stockings then don't wear a garter belt. The clips will just be dangling and that honestly looks tacky.
  7. Stockings & Fish Nets. LOVE.

You don't have to spend a million bucks for a one time outfit. You're already puttin' the dough in your photographer (gracias), keep your outfit choice within your budget - and please try it on before your session.

Quick Disclaimers.

unfortunately, things have gotten out of hand.

if you have inspo photos that I have not already seen (i.e. in our initial emails) of course please bring it along. HOWEVER, if the inspo does not align with my photography style or falls outside the session details I will no longer shoot it. For an example please ask me directly.


  • FAKE CHAMPAGNE/FAKE DRINKING. If you want champagne or whatever other alcohol photos, make sure you are prepared to actually drink it. If you don't know this about me already, I don't shoot fake shit.
  • PORN-ISH. This might sound kind of general, I of course shoot some nude poses artistically, BUT - I will no longer shoot images that can be misconstrued as porn. If it can't be posted to social media (not saying that it will be) then it's too rated R for my photography style.
  • PORN STYLE CAKE SMASH. Please see bullet point above.
  • "A FEW JUST FOR MY HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND/PARTNER". Again, nudity is fine within reason. I will not take professional dick pics.



Veil Me.

Within my tremendous amount of photography props (aka amazon account) I have veils that you can use for your session that are awesome. But of course, bring yours or even find one that you feel fits your personality best. Veils are always a great choice for Bridals, not only because it's the basic icon of a bride but it also the simplicity of it is stunning.


  • FLORAL: ask your florist if you can either have a "tester" bouquet or maybe see what they can come up with for your session. Most of the time florists will be able to put something small together for you for cheap. Another option is Trader Joe's, they always have great floral.
  • THINGS YOU CAN BRING TO YOUR SESSION THAT WILL SCREAM BRIDE: veil, garter, jewelry, under garments (your wedding day lingerie or corset), perfume, invitation suite, other small wedding details (ribbons, linens, etc)

Out-of-the-box outfit ideas

Bridals are considered a special kind of boudoir session,

most of the time we are going for the "innocent" but sexy in white vibes.

But guess what: you don't have to do it that way.

Try something different - have fun with it! White isn't the only color brides can wear, do what you want. Maybe try a bodysuit, corset or robe. Maybe wear your significant other's favorite t-shirt or flannel - there's so many ideas just go for it!


*I can't stress enough: don't spend more than your budget for a one time outfit*


now that you've finished your session,

what are you supposed to do with your images?

If you don't plan on sending your images directly from the gallery link, the next best option is to print them. There's a ton of different ways & places you can print. Personally, I'm a big fan of single matte prints or simple books.