summer maternity session

Floyd lamb park, las vegas, nevada

Shooting in general in the middle of summer time if the worst out here. Let alone a maternity session! We rescheduled due to weather three times before we finally got lucky with a warm - not blazing - day. Timing was perfect. We started while the sun was still a bit high, allowing us to get those beautiful summer sun rays through the trees - ending right after sunset. This park is known for it's geese & peacocks, luckily for us all wildlife didn't ruin any shots BUT we're a little bummed there wasn't a peacock with it's feathers out for us.

The look we were going for was green but with warmth. I am definitely not know for "warmth" in my photos, but I can definitely make it happen!

Did I mention that I'm also 5 months pregnant shooting these :) fun times.